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Greetings, you have found the Tampa page for Power Up Auto™. Started in 1995, Power Up Auto™ has become the local leader in repair of power windows, power door locks, antennae, door handles, and almost anything else in the doors of your car, truck, or suv. We can give you an accurate price quote on the phone or by email and offer parts to fit any budget, new, used, rebuilt, or aftermarket are all available.

Many vehicles are different but here are a few things to look and listen for, As of late most windows use a cable regulator system, two cables that pull your window up and down on a metal cross bracket. If your glass is falling down in the door or you hear a crunching, grinding sound this is the most likely problem. Here are a few pics of cable regulators

Left Front Buick Lesabre window regulator96-06 sebring convertible window regulator

Maybe your window makes no sound at all or goes up very slowly. Usually the window motor. We have a lot of price options for this depending on the vehicle. Sometimes the problem is the window switch. Give us a call, we can troubleshoot this over the phone. 813/875-8866. If your window is going slowly try this free idea. Put the window down and Lightly (Again, Lightly) spray the up and down vertical channel the glass travels in with any spray silicone or even Pam cooking spray. Sometimes the heat dries out the run channel.


Do you hear a buzzing sound when you use your power door locks? Each door has a separate door lock motor called the door lock actuator. Often this comes with the latch. When this fails you may have to pull open the door lock button by hand. Sometimes the door will freeze up and you will find yourself climbing over the seat to get in. Power Up Auto™ can get the door open for you (usually) and replace the needed parts.

One thing you should do once or twice a year, get a tube of black powdered graphite (available where you can get keys cut) and sprinkle some on the key, put the key in the key cylinder, and turn. DO NOT spray anything in the key cylinder. You can spray silicone in the latch if you like.

Power Up Auto™ also replaces inside and outside door handles when they break off.